Types of windshield crack and chips

A rock or other piece of debris kicked up by the tyres of other vehicles is the most prevalent cause of windscreen fractures. Extreme temperature changes, manufacturing faults, and other events can also produce cracks. When forces are applied to a windscreen with a crack already present, the crack can grow. This is especially possible if the crack is not healed quickly, as the weakened auto glass repair is more likely to shatter under stress. Cracks in a windscreen can take various forms.

Types of Windshield Cracks

 Bull's Eye Crack

When a small, blunt object, like a rock, impacts the windscreen, this is one of the most typical types of cracks that can form. The collision takes on a round form, and shards of glass occasionally break off.

 Ding-Crack, or Star-Crack

The Star Crack is the other typical split. A sharp pebble or item impacting the windscreen causes this type of crack. A star-shaped hollow forms at the point of collision, and a glass fragment breaks off. A star crack can rapidly worsen if treatment is delayed.

Combination Break

Sometimes a combo break results from being struck by a sharp rock or item. A star crack and a bull's eye crack have merged to become this.

 Edge Crack

The edge crack is the crack that spreads from within two inches of the windshield's lining inward. A minor fracture can grow much larger if maintenance is neglected. This, however, is a standard feature on cars throughout India. The length could be as little as 10 inches or as much as 12 inches.

Floater Crack

Similar to the edge crack, but beginning two inches from the windscreen's interior. 

Half Moon Crack

Half-moon cracks are chips in glass that resemble the shape of a half-moon rather than a circle, like a Bull's eye fracture.

Stress Crack

You can't feel a stress crack by moving your fingertips across it because it's on the inside. A ballpoint pen can be used to detect the crack's location.

How to Fix a Cracked Windscreen

Your car's windscreen is vulnerable to chips from time to time. It may be wise to have them fixed by an expert auto glass replacement in delhi service. But in the long run, ignoring these tiny chips can be dangerous. Small shards in your windscreen can obscure your view and make driving hazardous. A little fissure can develop into a much larger one. Therefore, it is recommended that you fix the windscreen to prevent more problems. Expertise is required for windscreen chip repair.

The following solutions can be used for the repair issue:

1.      The size and type of chip and the amount of material surrounding the damaged region will be inspected to begin the assessment.
2.      Clean the chip so no moisture or dirt is trapped in the mended region. The windscreen becomes hazy if the chipped spot has particles. If the chip is inside the driver's line of sight, this could be a concern.
3.      The chip is sealed with a specific resin and hardened using UV light. The polish dries transparent so that it won't stand out against the glass on the windscreen.


Your car's auto glass repair in delhi takes a beating from rocks, scratches, and other road debris. A stone, piece of gravel, or an unintentional bump might cause a tiny crack or chip. Spider cracks might spread across your windshield replacement in delhi if these problems aren't addressed immediately.

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